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Welcome to Nasomi!
If you're installing now, the install takes roughly 30-60 minutes and is fully automated. While you're waiting lets go through the registration process.

1. Forum Account
First things first, you'll want to register on the forum! Forum Registration • Forum registration is required to make a game account. • Why not post an introductary post while you're at it! • When you're done, just close the window to come back here.

2. Game Account
Got your forum account sorted out? Great! Lets make a game account. Game Registration • Sign in with your forum account to create your game account. • You can create a maximum of 3 game accounts, each with one character. • Your game account login should NOT be what you want your character name to be.

3. Extras
Now you're all set, it shouldn't be long before your installation is complete. Here's a couple other links while your install finishes:
NasomiXI Rules Please take a few minutes to review our rules.
Getting started New to Final Fantasy XI, or just been away a while, here's a quick start guide!
Controls The controls to Final Fantasy XI are different from most games, so this may be helpful.
Nasomi Wiki Players have compiled a list of things to help you on your way!
JeunoCam! Because, Jeuno, right??
Live Chat Support You're lost, broke, have questions, or just stop in for a quick chat.