NA/JPロビー: Up
プレイヤー: 691
同期範囲: 10

Nazgul2.6k >>> 15
AnnemarieI'm not wearing a shirt
Ahriman/tell for help
BrentI want alll the XP!
Whitefrightcan bring my BRD alt
OigresMerit Pt's Any job /tell
Busyfurbalhit me
LyleMerits, just for a lil bits.
Bravestarr57 BLM / 65 SMN 75 SAM / BRD / THF Will do things for xp /wink
QuetzalBRD - WHM - BLM for merits
ArieusHQ Gear + PL
EizaFully Geared THF. Will do top dmg ;3
YaukkisMNK72 SAM52
AchiswedenLooking for Dyna Burn or PT
Mogolo59 PUP Area Anything Please invite me !!
SniperdiaperLooking for Dyna Burn or PT
YurikaHave PL
SkitlesTS ONRY
DrozHave RDM PL
Opie72 WHM, 40 RDM, OR 21 BRD LFP
Whiteflightcan bring a 75 WHM PL w/ me
KarihnBLM63 /NIN /WHM /RDM
SarsateOnly /nin for solo Have /whm, and /blm
Projects75 BRD/WHM PL Included COR/RDM/WHM sub
MeilanMerit points Dynamis ok
AkroWHM 34 / BLM 35
Fhuri75 thf, rng | 31 blm | 19 drk
ChameleonredEXP Party: PLD68, SMN67, COR62
ArkadezWhen is Koopa coming back? Seriously...
Aliptical33 thf
Jakka75 RDM PL
NotaroAny sync is fine. PST Also have WAR18 if you need a tank.
AveenaMy favorite color is Blue
Gluvan9k tnl
KorvexMisareaux Coast Please
AshleighHey Hi How's it going!?
Hittman75 rdm pl w. me
Hedwigwill sub /whm
CathatwopaAlt. All white box/rare/etc gear. Sometimes have a PL available
TrugitaSeeking EXP
IamgreatAll OPs. All XP.
Headlinei come with a PL
Gorlan/nin main sub
Zooehave PL
Minimusdecimuswhere the xp at? OP Warps O
WolfehWHM 13 or BLM 14 4 dunes sync ^^
Skavian61 PUP LFG. 14k TNL.
DarkakumaMay Have PL....
Hamsterxp pt long time | qufim island please
Rummyywar38, whm37, drg56, blm48, rng46
ChevysWHM sub
PopsiclestickLooking for 3 - paths CoP Mission 5-3
DoodidootsI come with a PL if needed.
TrainwreckI bring 75 RDM PL, can PL Pull GaBurn
MeatjunkOnly doing /whm while fishing! Will come/nin
Frozencraftfunlooken for dunes party at the moment
Avogadro75 PLD 75 RDM
Dadatarui want to try meripos
Aspencercan go /WAR /WHM :)
Rohall/nin, /war, whm
Cortexxblm 44
TensuExp tnl: 1043
Dashinomoto1k TNL
JoltyReturning to game.
AiokoI have a PL ^^
Tristtno kazham access - sorry
Rejuexp Yes, please 60 SAM/NIN or 62 COR/NIN
Baldarickwhm16 i have PL
RyuuzaRetail Veteran / Good Equipment Arrows for Pulling / +1 Rings
ElonmuskInvite me and I'll take you to Mars!!!
Byrth EndgameComes with 75RDM PL~
RabiesThe government is covering up the existence of aliens. Do not be fooled.
NilocHave PL
DemmoLFG 43BLM, 52RDM, 12NIN
HyhileeRed Mage 21 LFG or.... White Mage 49 LFG I have subs and Op's Please invite me
JoyeuseBLMlvl 62
AlyciaExp pls thanku
BanconfigSAM * THF * RDM
BancfgWith main 75RDM PL
Cosigncody74 PLD with 75RDM PL
Cosign74PLD with 75RDM PL
Archyi PL with 72 rdm
Risalyn (b^_^)b
MakotokoEN/JP OK EXP (^^)/
Piafae11 BLM or 11 WHM
SakikoWell geared + good food + all OPs
KonataI come with PL!
GichiHp: Selbina Warp:O
ShupoMe, Captainhowdy, and Mikosa are together.
WoodtableFully Geared BST with HQ gear. Non Gimp!
Greaw/ PL
Sigardacome with a 71 pld, gisela no solo invites please
Notmeor 53brd/nin or 60war/nin
MenotHave pl. pls be dps heavy w/ brd
BromancinGreat Gear Non Noob. Can Pull
Sanfordhood pope bANGG
BratoddSeven point six two five point five six's two-two-three YNW MELLY!
MceegsQuifum Island EXP party plz :D
Odstexp pt
CoyDunes for a bit.

Ahriman/tell for help
OigresMerit Pt's Any job /tell
EizaWTB> Silver/BronzePieces 170k/1700/ea
SkitlesTS ONRY
Meilanpl whm 75
TrugitaSeeking EXP
DarkakumaMay Have PL....
CashmeoussideCurrently in party, but glitched
Avogadrohave pretty gud gear and actually used food
Tristtno kazham access - sorry
RejuWAR + RDM duo LF EXP pt or subjob quest pt
Byrth EndgameComes with 75RDM PL~
NilocHave PL
HyhileeMonk 62 LFG Subs: war/sam/nin/thf

Ahriman/tell for help
EizaSandy 9-2 / Swift Belt Run
MogoloDive might, Promy-vaz, Sandy 9-1
SkitlesTS ONRY
BleysCoP 4-2, Bastok 8-2
Jakka12 SMN /w PL or COR LF smn burn
Hittmanlfg. have pole capped. pcc okote etc
KeioCoP 5-2 Promyvion - Vahzl, Divine Might
Popsiclestick4-3 COP Please !
TrainwreckWTB Voyager Sallet send /tell Also looking for Dynamis - BeaucedineWin
CosignCoP 4-3 ZM5+
SwordmaidenNeed Promy Dem Holla and Mea Rank Mission 5-2
Odstrank mission 2-3 bcnm giddeus

Ahriman/tell for help
EizaWTB> Silver/BronzePieces 170k/1700/ea
SkitlesTS ONRY
MeilanPL whm75
GosuLooking for Divine Mighta Can dualbox blm or brd and cor

AhrimanGhorn yayyyy
EizaSandy 9-2 / Swift Belt Run
SkitlesTS ONRY
Hittmanlfg. have pole capped. pcc okote etc
TrainwreckWTB Voyager Sallet send /tell Also need Dynamis - Beaucedine Win

Ahriman/tell for help
EizaWTB> BronzePiece 1700/ea - Mont 170k/ea
SkitlesTS ONRY
TarusqueeLFG: CoP 5-3 Three Paths // ZM4+ // Windurst 6-1 // BRD75 // WHM74

Ahriman/tell for help
EizaWTB> Silver/BronzePieces 170k/1700/ea
MogoloLooking for endgame LS
SkitlesTS ONRY
NecrocrusherLooking for dynamis/progression LS
LucidiousTH4 THF looking for dynamis lowman static. Experienced puller! Can also come COR!
Cashmeousside68 BRD LFP Labyrinth of Onzozo Only
FluffenphuxReturning FF11 player after 10+ years. Going WHM into BRD. LF new friends/linkshell.

Ahriman/tell for help
EizaWTB> Silver/BronzePieces 170k/1700/ea
SkitlesTS ONRY
Maseki***** HyperNova Endgame LS ***** ****Dynamis/Sky/Sea/KS99/ZNM**** LF Team oriented people who
TarusqueeLFG: CoP 5-1 Promy-Vahzl // ZM4+ // Windurst 6-1 // BRD75 // WHM71
CosignEGLS 7EST events Sea/Sky/Limbus Dyna WHM DDs BRD BLM PM me

Ahriman/tell for help
EizaWTB> Silver/BronzePieces 170k/1700/ea
HolyfreakySelling 100s bynes /tell
SkitlesTS ONRY
Hittmanlfg. have pole capped. pcc okote etc
TrainwreckDelvl'd 500 tnl... Merit or exp
IridiumWTS Peacock charm 2.5m
MarbletableFood Bazaar. Sushi, Cookies, Veggies. Level up and enjoy, dude!

Ahriman/tell for help
EizaWTB> O.Bronzes/Silvers 150-160k /tell
SkitlesTS ONRY
BonehunterWTB all elemental ore
JakkaLF 100 Goldsmith to craft imperial egg
RvnWTB Kirin's Osode
RhamielWTB Speed Belt 7 mil
TrainwreckWTB Voyager Sallet and Homan send /tell

Looking for "friends":
Players Seeking Players
Ahriman/tell for help
OigresMerit Pt's Any job /tell
EizaWTB> Silver/BronzePieces 170k/1700/ea
SkitlesTS ONRY
AvogadroHey there! I just started on Nasomi. Nice to meet you, feel free to send me a tell.
FluffenphuxReturning to FF11 after over 10 years. LF Friends and Linkshell.
Xeddicusim not really..

Ahriman/tell for help
OigresMerit Pt's Any job /tell
FmtwoNo parties. Thanks anyway.
Bravestarri have no idea when this thing spawns. just hanging out RSE mithra soon i think >^w^<
EizaWTB> Silver/BronzePieces 170k/1700/ea
SkitlesTS ONRY
GravekeeperFor the curse of life, is the curse of want. And so, you peer.. Into the fog, in hope of answers.
PythoniaTarut: The Fool Card .. will trade
SlickdealsAFK - Leave message for my return. Willing to go down to 900k on Harajnite Shell.
Popsiclestick/tell hatoko
LucidiousIn memory and best wishes to my friend Plaitrum You will be missed bro.
AlyciaLFP> Fenrir kill (key dont have) or helpme kill Ifrit,Shiva,Garuda, last 3 i need for moon bauble pls, thanku