NA/JPロビー: Up
プレイヤー: 732
同期範囲: 10

Nazgul2.6k >>> 15
AnnemarieI'm not wearing a shirt
Boogieman/-- dudes crazy
Eiza75 meripo onry today please
JoleenaI have all avatars.
Herbs63+ WHM LFP, 16 Nin LFP,
AchiswedenLooking for Dyna Burn or PT
HaljinnDont let the rank fool you I gots that good shit
SniperdiaperLooking for Dyna Burn or PT
Isellstuffztootesting 123
Phyrefly52 blm 15 thf 37 whm MNK or SAM for merits
OmnikeysRNG Looking for a pt
MenomaurFarming--- /whm /nin available
Thedonaldinvite me damnit im rich bitch
Phyrexiah/WHM For heals /WAR for DPS Good Gear Pls Invite
DropI will carry the team. Please have BRD or COR.
Projekte75 RDM PL Included All subs, Engetsuto +1 and Merits
Opiahave 31 BRD partner Opie
Hispi75RDM 50BLM 39WHM
FellcleaveFell Cleave bitch
TonystarksDamage Dealer
WickedhopeI HAVE A PL [ALT] WITH ME!
Celessim bored of fishing save me!!!
Trivitus14 blm or 18 whm
KarihnBLM63 /NIN /WHM /RDM
Izura60BLU 45BLM lfp
Projects75 BRD/WHM PL Included
ToxicityParty on
MeilanMerit points 75COR or 75SAM
WhmblmAny Party exp Thank you.
Fobazncat72Thf, 55Rdm, 20Blm, 40Drg LFP
DarkswordLooking for merits only
QuizWe all had to start somewhere
Rekuza30 War/Mnk or War/Thf Most OP: O
Gosu f
Lucipurr64SMNLFP (1337WAR Merit Onry) 75BLM/SAM/MNK/Nin/Thf/Brd/Pld/Rng/War 44RDM LFP
Sicariolfg long time
LinuseJust a Taru looking for EXP Subjob items and love. I enjoy long walks on the beach...
AshleighHey Hi How's it going!?
CathatwopaAlt. All white box/rare/etc gear. Sometimes have a PL available
KaitoeComes with 75Rdm PL
Yviepaired with DRK 63
Frostybum75 RDM LF Merits FOR EXP PT's 43 WHM Pls Inv.
Minimusdecimuswhere the xp at? OP Warps O
RemingtonWAR59 NIN27 SMN12 COR20+BRD16 BST16+BST16
MinaldoWhm/Blm sub
Rysadiansub nin war
GusclesMerit points please / I have all staging points / Down to party any where
Nebusaradan826/3200 e
Pan/Drk or /Nin only; dual astrals, MP EQ Can DD a bit also if need, dual hammers,sole sushi etc.
WotanPLD 41 WAR 40
SakutakuSMN experience points please heal ok
SakuryaMerit points Long time Please invite me 75NIN 75WHM 75SMN
Robinchanhas whm friend also
Frozencraftfunlooken for dunes party at the moment
BulldogAll Outpost, WhiteGate: ok
Dirac10 STR DEX CHR AGI MND 5 crit 5 enmity
Avogadrofull merits (2300+) 75 PLD 75 RDM Aegis | Excal
TokuziCan /WAR and tank
FruitcakeI got da Nukes Sub RDM NIN
Amele@17000>WHM73 HP:windy, AU:ok all staging points tunic/staves/spells etc
Cortexxblm 44
FelicityLFG WAR53 BRD 25
NoreagaNA onry
AnaiyaBest PUP Gear | Automaton Skill Maxed Melee | Ranged | Magic| - Invite the best, you deserve it :)
Tact75 cor rdm brd 37+ smn whm drk nin rng
Raizx62WAR Very geared LFG with BRD only.
TetsuxiToAU & All OP Warps
Baldarickwhm16 i have PL
Yayami44BLM looking for group
KashishLet's Get It
NilocHave PL
DemmoLFG 43BLM, 52RDM, 12NIN
HyhileeWhm 63 Looking for Group Please inv me for Exp
BlitzySoloing til get PT in dunes
MisalignedPL included
LoreanderBe back at 9:00 EST or a bit sooner. LFP
CosigncodySAM45 THF73 W/PL
OkamigirlCome with COR or BRD
Cosign72THF +COR or PL
SwingzWHM LFG Dunes pt xp
ScorpiionMerit Party
Grussyhave 75 BLM PL
SigismundAlso have 68 PLD if you need!
DutchessvandrlnPL w/ me :)
Eben45 WHM / 43 RDM / 23 NIN / 56 THF / 39 THF / 75 SAM All looking for XP
Baltazarpls pls pls invite me!
Sigardacome with a 71 pld, gisela no solo invites please
KohroWilling to level sync and I have tav area.
NotmeW/ 66sam combo dualbox
MenotHave PL Once exp capped switch to 74 sam
Septimuss/nin /war
AthenssDunes OP. Can bring 16 SAM too.
LudwickKRT/ Old Areas. Plz invite me :)
CapnspikeSup izu
Gbgtrying real hard
Janger22 WAR LFG or 29 WHM LFG or 16 THF
CylestHave legs, will travel!
Poonluvop ok, warp ok
NepuWHM 13 lfp for exp!

EizaWTB> Silver/BronzePieces 170k/1700/ea
ZelminarPreferred: 61 BLM Next: 43 THF // 40 RDM Next: 21 NIN/WAR
Meilanpl whm 75
DarkswordLooking for merits only
Fujin52 Sam | 48 Thf/nin | 58 Ninja | LFP
PanMain Heal or DD /War or /Drk subs only Heal EQ: Astrals x2, MP EQ & MP food DD EQ: Hammers & Sole Sushi + STR
Avogadrohave pretty gud gear and actually used food
Tact55rdm or 55 brd /37 whm,nin,blm
NilocHave PL
HyhileeMonk 62 LFG Subs: war/sam/nin/thf
Jangerwhm 18 lfg
CylestNew to the server but an old game Vet! Looking for friends to adventure with. Be patient as I relearn the everything.

EizaSandy 9-2 / Swift Belt Run
IzuraCoP 5-3 (Tenzen's Path)
WhmblmBurn Party any Please invite me
MelisandreCoP 2-5 Mammets
Gosu f
KeioCoP 5-2 Promyvion - Vahzl, Divine Might
SakutakuDon't look at me
SakuryaI dont need 8-1 anymore
CosignCoP 4-3 ZM5+
GrussyFarming LB1 items! Hit me up if you aretoo!
MustyOP: Tu'Lia HomePoint: Quf'im
Ludwick57 WAR 53 THF. KRT plz invite

EizaWTB> Silver/BronzePieces 170k/1700/ea
MeilanPL whm75
WhmblmBurn Party any Please invite me
FujinCoP 4-2
MelisandreCoP 2-5 Mammets
Gosu f

EizaSandy 9-2 / Swift Belt Run
Gosu f
SakutakuDynamis ALL clears/gear farm Please invite me RNG SMN NIN THF WHM 75
SakuryaLooking for Dynamis clears/farm NIN RNG THF WHM SMN 75
CosigncodyDyna Valk win please help me out

EizaWTB> BronzePiece 1700/ea - Mont 170k/ea
Gosu f

EizaWTB> Silver/BronzePieces 170k/1700/ea
ProjekteW2B new EGLS. 75 DRK/WAR/SAM/MNK/THF/BRD/BST/RNG Alt Projects - 75 RDM 73 BST
Gosu f
LucidiousTH4 THF looking for dynamis lowman static. Experienced puller! Can also come COR!

EizaWTB> Silver/BronzePieces 170k/1700/ea Recruiting rdm blm whm brd cor
Maseki***** HyperNova Endgame LS ***** ****Dynamis/Sky/Sea/KS99/ZNM**** LF Team oriented people who
GodzSeeking active 65-75 Focus HNM/SKY/SEA
CosignEGLS 7EST events Sea/Sky/Limbus Dyna WHM DDs BRD BLM PM me

EizaWTB> Silver/BronzePieces 170k/1700/ea
HolyfreakySelling 100s bynes /tell
DareyareSwift Belt (1.3M), Boroka Earring (500k), Voyager Sallet (500k), JSE Subligar (400k), Coffer Keys (125k), Avatars (50k/)
Gosu f
FigsBuy my axe! Berserker's Axe Gil or Trade. /tell Figs or Plums
Robinchanhas whm friend also
IridiumWTS Peacock charm 2.5m
AmeleWTS large quantity of mythril rings from skillups PST negotiate price

EizaWTB> O.Bronzes/Silvers 150-160k /tell
BonehunterWTB all elemental ore
RhamielWTB Speed Belt 13 Mil
LudwickFederation Akeaton / Windy 150k Rampager Axe PLEASE invite me!

Looking for "friends":
Players Seeking Players
EizaWTB> Silver/BronzePieces 170k/1700/ea
Lilcratisi'm so lonely
KerahLS: BlueRats on Pandemonium > Asura BLM75 NIN75 RNG66 SMN66 ALL37 WW100 ALC60 4yr: Spelunker's Hat
AvogadroHey there! I just started on Nasomi. Nice to meet you, feel free to send me a tell.

EizaWTB> Silver/BronzePieces 170k/1700/ea
Lilcratisno i didn't die...
Fujindddd dd
LerougeHave /rdm
SiknozMining PT Ifrits or Attohwa
Moriyamissions and quests for my broke ass
SakuryaNeed Hakutaku cluster x2 crafted /tell please
LucidiousIn memory and best wishes to my friend Plaitrum You will be missed bro.
AscarBuy my food! it makes Crawlers Nest EZ!
Vichyssoise 4 07 14
AristokatEverybody wants to be a cat!
BxdLooking for Subjob items ; ;